Velda Lovell, Oils Artist
   Glenville, North Carolina oils artist, Velda Lovell understands how color is a way of communicating an inherent love of creation reveled to us by light. One of her passions in painting is Velda's love of landscape painting that reminds us of the time we spend outdoors. Other imagery that Velda chooses to paint brings the viewer into an immediate feeling of closeness with the subject.

   Velda says, "I would like the viewer to feel this sense of connection with the subject that speaks of joy and wonder over things both small and grand."
Colorful landscapes full of light
"I have always loved playing with color" says Velda.  By the age of eight, she had put away her "beloved crayons" and began taking art lessons from Christine Pickens in Hendersonville, North Carolina for the next six years.  Her next concentration was on still life and landscape, painting with artisans Sergio Santos and Amy Rickert.
A sense of connection with the subject
   Much of Velda's daily routine these days is taken up by painting, one way or another.  Velda is most often found donning with her black and paint covered painters jacket  in her studio/gallery in Cashiers, North Carolina, Blue Valley Gallery.  If Velda isn't engaged in teaching some of her own dedicated students, she will most likely be engaged in another of her own paintings.

Velda's mastery of technique and her understanding of color and light is evident in every composition.
Images that speak joy and wonder
Contact Velda:
Blue Valley Gallery
525 Breedlove Rd.
Glenville, NC 28736

Studio/Gallery: 828-743-2956  (9AM - 6 PM M-S in Summer)
Mobile: 866-594-7278
525 Breedlove Road
Glenville NC   28736
Phone: 828-743-2956

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